Vatican Proof of Aliens

May 2, 2011

Vatican International Year of Astronomy 2009

Vatican International Year of Astronomy 2009

What does the Vatican think about the proof of aliens? It would seem the Vatican is toying with the question…Are aliens real?  On November 16, 2009 the Vatican hosted a conference to examine the possibility and implications of Alien / Extraterrestrial Life.  Thirty of the best scientists joined with theologians to inform them of what they know about the possibility of whether aliens exist.

My guess is that all the talk about recent UFO sightings…affected the Pope’s decision to host such a conference.  No doubt…extraterrestrial life would impact all world religions and the way we understand ourselves in relation to God. 

The bigger question for me is how this supports the proof of aliens?  The fact that the Vatican hosted such an event does not prove that aliens exist.  However, it does reveal that there is mounting evidence that supports the possibility of extraterrestrial life. 

The Alien UFO Files is on a quest to bring to light rational and intelligent information that can help inform our thinking about whether aliens exist.  All around the world people are discussing recent UFO sightings. 

Undoubtedly, there is a worldwide swelling belief in extraterrestrial life.  Fifty years ago the Vatican would never have considered such a conference. However, now there is a demand upon our own government by highly respected individuals for UFO disclosure. And the Vatican conference could be just one more straw that opens the doors to governments discussing openly what they know about alien sightings.

Watch this UFO news brief that was seen on Fox News. This report adds further intelligent support to the rationality of the search for proof of aliens.

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